The ambassador of South Africa in Ukraine has declared interest of the African investors in the Ukrainian land

African businessmen are already waiting for the opportunity to invest capital in Ukrainian black soil. Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Ukraine Andre Johannes Hrunewald said this in an interview with the Commentary.

Thus, the diplomat noted that Ukrainian lands are 40% of the world's black soil, and African farmers can boast a wealth of experience in agriculture. The ambassador emphasized that there is no such hype and controversy over the land market in South Africa. 

"In South Africa, the issue of land sales has never been as acute as in Ukraine. People are accustomed to buying and selling land, and this is considered a commonplace. Ownership of land makes it easier, for example, to obtain financing from a bank, which allows to increase Therefore, the business is definitely ready to invest in the Ukrainian land, "said Andre Johannes Hrunewald.

The MIZEZ editorial team