The ambassador of South Africa in Ukraine has declared interest of the African investors in the Ukrainian land

African businessmen are already waiting for the opportunity to invest capital in Ukrainian black soil. Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Ukraine Andre Johannes Hrunewald said this in an interview.

Continued sowing of spring crops in Sumy region

Sumy region's weather helps to increase the rate of sowing campaign. In turn, agrarians in this region report that they have a full supply of logistical resources, which allows successfully and in the required time to carry out spring-field work.

Expert opinion on the forecast of grain harvest and export for Ukraine

94 million tons are the projections of the profile association for grain and oilseeds in Ukraine in 2020. As for exports, the figure was 57 million.

Land referendum to be?

The battles over the land market law - this is how the first day of plenary week for MPs began. Agrarians, together with activists of the National Corps, arrived at the parliament building and staged a protest in which they expressed their opinion on the land issue.

Coronavirus is not a barrier to sowing

Agrarians of Melitopol district, without fear of the coronavirus epidemic, have started a spring sowing campaign. According to the farmers themselves, the surge in COVID-19 activity in Ukraine is not a reason for cancellation of sowing.

Expert opinion

Quarantine will not interfere with the sale of grain, - Artem Rempen

From the story of G.R. Agro ", Kurkul.

Reduced fuel price for farmers in Kharkiv region

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) initiated the special meeting at which representatives of the main oil-trading companies of Kharkiv region met, says SSU press center chief Vladislav Abdullah on his personal Facebook page.

The price of onions in Ukraine is provoked by the resumption of its import

Increased demand for onions in Ukraine has led to a resumption of imports of onions from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and Poland.

The spring sowing campaign of 2020 has accelerated in all regions of Ukraine

As of April 1, farmers have already planted more than 7% of the planned area with spring crops.

Labor migrants will remain working

Agrarians in Poland have asked the government to allow Ukrainian workers with expired documents to stay on their farms.

In Kherson, fieldworks began in February

Due to the warm weather in early February, farmers in the Kherson region were able to to start works very early.