Prolonged frosts can raise the price of potatoes

The hype with the rising price of potatoes may be short-lived. However, there are factors under which high prices can persist for a noticeable period. These include frosts and a shortage of domestic products.

This was reported by Alexander Voropaev, the director of the “Pochatok” market.

"Every year, when Ukraine is covered with frosts for more than a week, people stock up, and the price increases. Also, despite the low price of imported potatoes, a certain category of consumers prefers Ukrainian products for their taste," notes Alexander Voropaev.

According to him, at the Odessa market "Pochatok," the price of potatoes has almost doubled in the last two months. They are supplied from the Chernihiv, Kyiv, and Volyn regions. Odessans prefer such varieties as Bella Rosa, Granada, Colombo, Red Lady, Black Prince.

"Potatoes have become more expensive due to the increase in the purchase price from the domestic manufacturer. Some manufacturers predict an increase in the selling price by another 2-3 UAH in January. However, the period of high prices will be short-term. Firstly, consumers are not ready to pay such a price and will look for alternatives to potatoes among cereals. Secondly, the purchasing power of Ukrainians is not increasing, but only decreasing. Therefore, every rise in prices for a certain category of goods leads to a reduction in sales volumes," says Alexander Voropaev.