Land referendum to be?

The battles over the land market law - this is how the first day of plenary week for MPs began. Agrarians, together with activists of the National Corps, arrived at the parliament building and staged a protest in which they expressed their opinion on the land issue.

During the rally, protesters began to set up tents directly on the road, to which police responded immediately and after an agreement was not reached, a hand-to-hand fight began, accompanied by flying paving stones and tear gas. The News Service “Fakty” reports

The National Corps even started throwing stones at the windows of the Kiev hotel, where MPs live. But in the end, the police demolished their tents. The clashes detained 26 people, several protesters and police took away ambulances.

The hall under the dome was also hot. Despite the fact that there was no draft law on the introduction of the land market, opposition parties blocked the rostrum from the very beginning.

They demanded that the bill, which MPs plan to vote in the second reading, was not considered at all. In the “Batkivschyna”, they believe that Ukraine is not ready for a free land market. “European Solidarity” and the “Holos” for Land Reform, but gradual.

In the ruling faction, “Sluga Narodu” declare that they are ready to make concessions in order to preserve the meaning of the reform. In the end, parliamentarians agreed to seek a compromise at the agrarian committee meeting.

Many in the Verkhovna Rada were convinced that the land issue would be put to the vote. But the bill never appeared on the agenda. Deputies could not agree on the land market at a meeting of the agrarian committee, which was delayed until late at night. All turned into a scuffle and scattered bundles of papers. A deputy from the opposition platform Kiva and in general fought with the servant of the people Andriy Motovilovtsi.

Almost 5,000 amendments have been submitted to the document, and only 200 have been considered.

Recall that the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation closed the last plenary session this year.

The MIZEZ editorial team