Continued sowing of spring crops in Sumy region

Sumy region's weather helps to increase the rate of sowing campaign. In turn, agrarians in this region report that they have a full supply of logistical resources, which allows successfully and in the required time to carry out spring-field work. About it writes Department of agroindustrial development

At the reporting date (02/04/2020), early spring cereals and legumes were sown on an area of ​​33.4 thousand hectares, which is 49% of the forecast, including spring barley - 22.8 thousand hectares, or 53%, spring wheat - 1.7 thousand hectares, or 50%, oats - 5.9 thousand hectares, or 53%, peas - 1.4 thousand hectares, or 31% of the planned area.

In general, the sowing area of ​​early cereals and leguminous crops for the 2020 crop for all categories of farms in Sumy region is projected to be 65.2 thousand hectares, which is 8.1 thousand hectares less than last year.

According to information from the Institute of Agriculture of the North-East of NAASU in the surface horizon of soil moisture reserves are sufficient for carrying out spring-field works. So in the plow layer of soil moisture reserves make up 43-45 mm (with average perennials of 30 mm); in 50 cm - 85-87 mm (with average long-term indicators of 70 mm); in the meter - 190 mm (with an average of many years 180 mm).

The MIZEZ editorial team