The rating of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine includes vertically integrated holdings with subdivisions that are interconnected with each other. The rating did not include transnational companies and processors - those that do not produce raw materials on their own.

Five largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine: rating Mizez

The data is obtained from the reports of the companies themselves. Some companies refused to provide financial data with reference to confidentiality. In this case, the revenue comparative method was applied, and the data was obtained from public sources.

Kernel Mizez

№1: "Kernel" agricultural holding

The owner of the company is Andrii Verevskyi, the company's revenue is 2329,5 million dollars.

This agricultural holding is the largest Ukrainian producer and exporter of sunflower oil, a key supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea region to world markets. The “Kernel” holding exports its products to more than 80 countries of the world.

The company is the largest oil producer in Ukraine, its seven factories process 3 million tons of sunflower seeds per year. In the second quarter of 2019, the “Kernel” holding increased its profits.

The company is actively looking for new sales markets and ways of development. Thus, a permit was obtained to export corn into China, and rapeseed oil production began in 2016. The company also invests in new technologies and modernizes production. At the same time, the company is increasing its capacity in Ukraine - in February 2016, a factory was acquired in the Kirovohrad region.

Now the company is one of the three largest agricultural holdings in the country because its land bank is 390,000 hectares.

The company's assets as of 2020 are 12 offices in Ukraine, agribusiness in 11 regions of Ukraine, 7 oil extraction factories, more than 35 elevators and a modern terminal in the Odessa region.

Nibulon Mizez

№2: “Nibulon”  agricultural holding

The owner of the holding is Oleksii Vadaturskyi, the revenue is 1946,4 million dollars, the company is engaged in grain trade, logistics, shipbuilding and ship repair, production and processing of agricultural products and animal farming.

The “Nibulon” holding is one of the largest exporters of agricultural products. The company cultivates approximately 82,000 hectares of land in 12 regions at once. The “Nibulon” holding specializes in wheat of 1-2 classes.

The “Nibulon” holding constantly renews its agricultural machinery park, and also constantly increases its exports. Cooperation is carried out with 64 countries of the world, and in 2015, the holding began to deliver grain into China. Such a large-scale of export is possible thanks to its own fleet, as well as the transshipment terminal. Additionally, the company provides transportation services to other companies.

According to data released in June 2020, the company “NIBULON” has invested 23 million dollars in the construction of a new transshipment terminal in the village of Marianske Apostolivsky district of Dnipropetrovsk region. This is already the 10th such facility on the Dnipro cascade and the first in this region. The terminal was built within three months in compliance with all security measures, when Ukraine was in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

MHP Mizez

№3: Myronivskyi Hliboproduct (MHP)

The company is owned by Yurii Kosiuk, the main specialization of the company is meat processing, plant growing, poultry farming. The company's revenue is 1183,3 million dollars.

The holding is actively developing, planning new projects that will increase exports and optimize costs. Thanks to investments in the expansion of the Myronivska poultry farm and the “Orel Leader” poultry farm, the production of chicken meat has significantly increased. Export relations of the company are located at the CIS countries, the European Union and the Middle East. There is also an agreement on supplies to Saudi Arabia.

In 2018, the construction of the second stage of the Vinnytska poultry farm was completed, which made it possible to increase the volume of chicken production by 617,943 tons in 2018.

UkrLandFarming Mizez

№4: UkrLandFarming

The owner of the company is Oleh Bakhmatiuk, specialization of the company is egg products and eggs, grain crops. The company's revenue is 937.5 million dollars.

The holding suffered losses due to the annexation of Crimea and the military conflict in Donbass, because the enterprise's capacities remained there. Part of the land bank was also lost. In particular, 13,000 hectares of land and two poultry farms remain in Crimea. But in terms of the size of the land bank, the UkrLandFarming still remains the leader.

In 2015, the holding agreed to restructure the debt of the Avangard company. The payment on Eurobonds was extended until 2018. The owner of the holding has invested in the construction of elevators and the construction of a grain transshipment terminal. The cost of the latest project is estimated at about 1 billion dollars.

According to the company's press center, since February 2020, the amount of taxes and fees received by the Ukrainian budget from the UkrlandFarming and Avangard Group of Companies for three years is 7,722 billion UAH. The company provides workplaces for about 27,000 Ukrainians and generates about 1% of Ukraine's GDP.

Astarta Mizez

№5: Astarta holding

The owners of the company are Viktor Ivanchuk and Valerii Korotkov, the company's revenue is 347.5 million dollars. The main activities are the following:

  • Agriculture: 240 thousand hectares under management;
  • Sugar production in Ukraine;
  • Animal farming: producer of industrial milk. The total livestock is 24 thousand heads;
  • Processing of soybeans: total annual processing capacity is 220 thousand tons;
  • Bioenergy: the capacity of the biogas complex is 150 thousand m3 of biogas per day.

The holding exports most of its own products. According to the quota for duty-free import of sugar into the EU, the company sold 10,000 tons of products. It also started exporting of corn and soybean oil into China. The company has 245,000 hectares in its land bank, which allows it to grow grain crops.

According to the 2020 report:

In the first quarter of 2020, the company had consolidated revenues of 101 million euros. 39% of this amount was provided by the segment of agricultural production (for the same period of last year, the share was 52%) with an income of 39 million euros, since most of the harvest was sold in 2019