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Ukrainian land: how much would it cost?

In the light of recent events (coronavirus infection and the related economic crisis), Ukrainian land reform has not lost its relevance. Moreover, this issue has become more acute because the country's economy must function steadily and be attractive for business investment. Oleh Nivievskiy spoke about how much Ukrainian land will cost and what is the future of Ukrainian land market.

Ukrainian land: how much would it cost? Mizez

The land prices

The expert comments, speaking of the land market, firstly we should prepare all the conditions for its functioning. We need a set of legislative decisions that will make all transactions transparent and the main thing — the competitive market.

Speaking of land prices, the expert believes that the price will rise. In addition, not the last role will play the current crisis, through which the demand for agricultural products will increase. That’s why farmers will need a large area under crops and fields.

Ambitions of lobbyists who want to achieve their goals will also influence on land prices:

  • Lack of free competition.
  • Introducing restrictions for the functioning of the land market.
  • Getting personal benefits.

These factors can actually cause land prices to decrease.

The role of the banking sector

The banking sector plays a significant role in creating the land market. We should make it able to work in this field of economy. All market participants must have the same conditions and the land prices should be determined only by the mechanisms of the market.

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