Continental Farmers Group sums up the spring sowing campaign

The Continental Farmers Group finished its spring sowing campaign. The agroholding sowed a total of 89.5 thousand hectares of spring crops for the 2020 harvest. Out of those, the largest share is that of sunflower (32.3 thousand hectares) and soy (32.1 thousand hectares), the allocated area for corn this year is 21.7 thousand hectares, potatoes were planted on 1.7 thousand hectares and spring wheat was sown on 1.6 thousand hectares.

Quarantine activities

In spite of the quarantine restrictions, the Continental Farmers Group believes that this year’s spring sowing campaign is the most successful over the past years: the Company succeeded to hold it within a clearly planned time. A large portion of success is owing to the efficient preparation for the season: the Company timely and fully procured all the necessary spare parts, seed grains, and mineral fertilizers and it replenished its vehicle fleet with new self-propelled and towed agricultural vehicles. During the spring sowing campaign, the Company successfully saved the health of Company personnel owing to the strict observance of the enhanced safety measures at all Continental Farmers Group production facilities.

“We were successful in sowing spring crops within a rather short period of time, as planned. Such promptness paid off because we could use the available moisture in the soil with the maximum efficiency, given the fact that, unfortunately, each season its amount dwindles away in the spring, Vitalii Stavinchuk, Continental Farmers Group Production Director summed up. I would also like to note that, this season, all our employees showed good teamwork and their readiness to overcome new challenges. For the first time this year, all the agricultural workers had to operate under special quarantine conditions, but we managed and are continuing to perform our production plans.”

We would like to remind you that, in 2020, the Continental Farmers Group plans harvesting crops in the total area of approximately 192.5 thousand hectares in the Ternopil, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts.

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