Ukrainian Semi-Prepared Food Chain Launches Its First Store in the USA

The renowned semi-prepared food chain "Galya Baluvana" has expanded its global footprint by launching its first outlet in the USA under the brand name MultiCook, as announced by the Ukrainian Council of Shopping Centers.

The new store in Philadelphia offers a variety of Ukrainian dishes and semi-prepared foods, marking a significant step in the brand's international expansion.

Alex Slosser, a marketing expert, commented on this development: "The opening of MultiCook in the US is a strategic move that showcases the increasing demand for ethnic and diverse food options. By bringing authentic Ukrainian flavors to American consumers, MultiCook is not only catering to the Ukrainian diaspora but also tapping into the growing trend of culinary exploration among American foodies. This venture is likely to resonate well with a market that appreciates international cuisine, potentially leading to a successful expansion and a strong foothold in the American market."

Company owner Volodymyr Matviichuk expressed his enthusiasm: "We are thrilled to announce the opening of our store in the USA... Now, your favorite Ukrainian products are available in the US. We invite you to our store to enjoy the taste of unparalleled Ukrainian dishes, including varenyky, pelmeni, chebureki, and many others."

MultiCook's franchise has over 100 partners in 25 countries, with Poland being the absolute leader in the number of opened establishments, boasting about 50 partners.

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