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Attracting investments will depend on the activity of Ukrainian businesses

The arrival of investors in Ukraine depends on many factors, so the question of investment should primarily rely on domestic businesses.

This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister of Economy Nadiia Bigun in an interview with "Ukrinform."

Nadiia Bigun, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine

"Europeans are still looking at us cautiously. They don't fully understand how to conduct business here, and nobody will come forward with money unless they find a local partner. Therefore, the initiative of our businesses will be a decisive factor in attracting investments. They will invest their money and find partners who are ready to invest with them," believes Nadiia Bigun.

At the same time, she assumes that there will be some large projects, but grandiose super-projects are unlikely to be realized before victory.

"This year, probably, the number one issue facing businesses will be access to the border and the ability to cross it. Bringing in raw materials here and taking out products there. As long as such questions remain, it will be a significant restraining factor. These are aspects that are really hard to insure and influence. But, on the other hand, we must already be preparing for this because there is a huge energy for big projects. If we do not formulate a vision now, where we want to move, and do not build a strategy at the state level, at the level of partners, we will not be able to communicate this effectively," concluded the Deputy Minister.

Alex Slosser, CEO, Agricultural marketing expert, HoldenAlex Slosser, CEO, Agricultural marketing expert, Holden

To the statements of the Deputy Minister of Economy, a comment was added by the co-owner of, Alex Slosser, who emphasized the necessity of an active marketing stance:

"For successful investment attraction, our market must use all available tools and be proactive. This means that, in addition to searching for reliable partners and investments, companies must actively promote themselves, showcasing their advantages and opportunities to potential investors. Marketing is a key element in this process."

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